About Me

Hello, My name is Iksan S. My friends just call me Iksan. I was born in Yogyakarta, one of Smart City in Indonesia. Im a Muslim. I work for Consultant engineering in Jakarta (CNS). my Im not Lecturer, just a consultant employee. From my experience and education, I want to share Knowledge and Tips about CAD drafting and Technical ability. this are my purposes.

I hope this website will being sharing place about technical and have a conception. For further, knowledges I have share can be of benefit to everyone. That’s all free. And hopefully, you can learning and training with enthusiastic.

Don’t be lazy man, Brothers! Wish you have a power in yourself and keep Istiqomah for ALLAH SWT and put into practice behaviors Muhammad SAW Prophet.

And peace be with you..

Iksan S.


5 responses

9 09 2010
denmas plenthong

Kulonuwun mas Iksan wekekekeke

19 09 2010
Planet Reath

link udha terpasang pakdhe, link balik ya 😀

28 12 2011

Izin baca-baca gan.

28 12 2011

ok..silahkan gan. tp hanya ala kadarnya…:)

trima kasih udah mampir kesini…

1 11 2012

sukses selalu buat Iksan

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